About us

Plombco is a brand of WEGMANN automotive that has developed the most innovative and comprehensive product lines in the industry. Plombco products are sold to OEM’s and aftermarket customers across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Plombco is also the maker of the patented Plasteel® premium wheel weights for passenger cars and light trucks. Engineered using forward thinking technology, Plasteel® is setting new stardards for innovation in the industry.

Our team

Plombco now has 90 employees that contribute to the company’s 30 years of success. To contact the team, visit the Contact Us page.


The 1980’s

In October of 1985, Mr. George Usereau and three associates joined forces and purchased Poids Plombco Inc. Under the guidance of Mr. Georges Usereau the company found success and began to grow. During the early days Mr. Usereau managed a staff of three in a 2,000 square foot building on Cardinal Street in Valleyfield (Québec). In 1986 Mr. Claude Lussier joined the Plombco Inc. team as an investor and within two years Mr. Lussier and Usereau bought the remaining shares from their associates and took sole ownership of Plombco, Inc. For the next few years Plombco continued to grow its sales and strategically focused on the core business of lead wheel weights offering three product lines, the passenger car wheel weight Series REG & AW and the B Series for trucks (now called LT’s).

Plombco was the first Canadian manufacturer to make a coated wheel weight that prevented damage to aluminum wheels. At that time, the AW Series was painted by hand and air-dried, until the company acquired an electrostatic powder paint system. About 6,000 wheel weights were produced daily, compared to 6,000 per hour today. In 1989, Plombco moved into its new 6,000 square foot location on Edmond Street in Valleyfield. The growing business shared the premises with a dozen other tenants in a 70,000 square foot building. Plombco acquired the entire building over the years.

In 1995, sales at Plombco began to rapidly increase when Claude Lussier become a full-fledged partner and President/CEO of the company in Valleyfield. Today Plombco continues to be a leader in the wheel weight industry, with distinctive values that have helped the company reach a level of performance and excellence throughout the years.

The 1990’s

In the early 1990’s Plombco supplied major distributors such as Myers Tire Supply and Qué-Mont with wheel weights and sold to competitors semi-automatic packaging machines which the company manufactured. In 1995, when Claude Lussier assumed the role of CEO he became influential in expanding Plombco’s product line offering by adding adhesive wheel weights. Mr. Lussier’s vision took the Plombco product line to the US market and exposed the brand.

Between 1995 and 2000, Plombco strategically acquired two competitors, Atlantic Wheel Weight located in Nova Scotia and Thomas Salmon MFG located in Toronto and a supplier, AB Machine.

One of the most competitive advantages of Plombco has always been the short delivery timeframe of 48 hours. It is for this reason that Plombco began to work with The Ascot Group as a major client. When an order was placed on a Friday afternoon it was delivered to the client on the following Monday morning in Boston. Sales tripled in less than a year and this provided exposure for Plombco throughout the U.S. market.

The 2000’s

In 2001 Mr. Lussier purchased Mr. Georges Usereau’s shares and the company underwent a major reorganization of its workforce. Automation became increasingly present and Plombco began to direct its vision to a higher level of perfection thanks to the arrival of the new engineering team that consisted of Martin Lussier, son of Mr. Claude Lussier and Didier Bernard Séguin, both now at the helm of Plombco. The various acquisitions and changes in the company contributed to the development of Plombco and attracted the interest of new clients such as Walmart, Honda and many more.

As a result of their dedication to developing quality products through automation, Plombco became a leader in the industry. It has built a reputation of expertise that distinguishes itself from the competition. In 2003, the company undertook a major investment and introduced a new wheel weight product manufactured in zinc to add to its existing lead products.

When GM, Toyota and Walmart decided to opt for steel wheel weights, Plombco again answered the call and expanded its product line to meet their needs. In 2009, the State of California passed a law banning lead wheel weights and Plombco recognized the need for an environmentally friendly wheel weight alternative to lead. Plombco seized this opportunity to once again increase its product line and introduced the new and innovative Plasteel® wheel weight. The valuable research and development of this patented product, offering a steel core encased in a plastic shell, became Plombco’s premium product.


In early 2010, Plombco moved part of its production, storage and shipping facilities to a new 70,000 square foot building in Huntingdon; a thirty-minute drive from Valleyfield. This new acquisition of space allowed the company to meet the increasing demands and focus on the changing needs of the market.

Plombco now has 105 employees that contribute to the company’s 30 years of success. Since early 2017, Plombco is a brand of WEGMANN automotive, the world’s number one manufacturer of wheel balance weights. Through our global network of manufacturing and distribution centers, WEGMANN automotive is able to deliver over 1-billion parts annually to customers around the globe. Founded on impeccable service and innovation, WEGMANN automotive is your “one-source” supplier. To know more about WEGMANN automotive, click HERE.