Our custom racks are compatible with all Plombco adhesive wheel weight boxes. Each rack is easy to setup, simplifies managing your inventory and helps reduce the time it takes for a technician to properly balance a wheel.

  • Single Hanging Rack / H1

      • Part number: 50286

  • Triple floor stand rack/ FS3

      • Part number: 50287

  • Double Hanging rack / H2

      • Part number: 50288

Installation instructions

Step 1

Hang the Plombco adhesive wheel rack onto the balancer.

Step 2

Insert the box of adhesive wheel weights in the upright position facing forward.

Step 3

Remove the protective transport adhesive tape from the box.

Step 4

Pull down on the wheel weight adhesive strip and it is ready for use.

Note: Always leave 6 inches of the adhesive strip visible to avoid retraction back into the box.


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